The 2008 Car Show Winners:

Super Tuner:    Taylor Champion    1999 Honda Civic

Vintage (1939 and earlier) Stock:    Doug Mackenzie    1928 Chevrolet pick-up
Ford & Merc Stock:    Larry Durell    1940 Ford Coupe

Ford & Merc Modified:    Allen Huber    1956 Ford Fairlane

General Motors Stock:    Dale Engleson    1966 Pontiac GTO

General Motors Modified:    Harvey Bylics    1967 Beaumount

Mopar Stock:   Krystle Shewchuk    1971 Dodge Charger

Mopar Modified:   Ryan Mackie    1971 Dodge Dart Swinger

Import:   Jim Tomkins    1968 Datsun

Orphan:    Evan Daris    1961 Studebaker

Pick up Stock:    B. Gravestine    1956 Ford 1/2 ton

Pick-up Modified:    Bob Recheinberg    1949 Studebaker pick-up

Motorbike Stock:    Mike Jensen    2008 Harley Davidson

Motorbike Modified:    Bill Parent    1988 Harley Davidson

Overall Stock:    Dale Engleson    1966 Pontiac GTO

Overall Modified:    Harvey Bylics    1967 Beaumount

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