The 2007 Car Show Winners:

Super Tuner:    George Ward    1990 Nissan 300 ZX       

Vintage (1939 and earlier) Stock:    Doug McKenzie    1928 Chev

Ford & Merc Stock:    Larry Durrell    1940 Ford  

Ford & Merc Modified:    Al Huber    1956 Ford

General Motors Stock:    Randy Vansil    1980 Trans Am             

General Motors Modified:    Harvey Bulicz    1967 Poniac

Mopar Stock:    Ron Pareanteau    1973 Dodge Challenger

Mopar Modified:    Lawerence Grimard    1969 Dodge Charger   

Import:     Matthew Toon    1975 Jaguar

Orphan:    Albert Braaten    1924 Star

Pick-up Stock:    B. Grovestine    1956 Ford

Pick-up Modified:    Brett Skarpinsky    1972 GMC

Motorbike Stock:    Dean Toutant    1985 Harley

Motorbike Modified:    Bill Parent    1988 Harley

Overall Stock:    Mike Bell    1965 Datson

Overall Modified:    Dale Engleson    1966 GTO

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